Bucket List

- Go on a roadtrip
- See as many states as possible (Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, District of Columbia, Delaware, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey)
- Experience Thanksgiving and Halloween
- Celebrate my sweet 16th birthday
- Go to a bonfire
- Eat Candy Corn
- Decorate my locker
- Eat fast food
- Go to NYC
- Watch PLL in the US
- Eat frozen yogurt
- Drink at Starbucks 
- Eat Sour Patch Kids
- See the second Hunger Games movie
- Watch an award show on TV 
- Eat at Olive Garden
- Visit my relatives
- Go to King of Prussia
- Get an A
- Eat S'mores
- Drink from a red cup
- Make people think I'm american
- Buy something from Victoria's Secret and Forever 21
- Shop at an outlet mall
- Get amazing friends
- Eat Corn Dogs
- See an American Football game
- Go to a sleepover
- Continue creating my smash book
- Go to the movies
- Eat pancakes
- Ride a yellow school bus
- Feel like an american
- Eat Conversation Hearts
- Drink Mountain Dew
- Take tons of pictures
- Eat Oreo Cookies
- Eat Hershey Chocolate
- Watch TV
- Eat Mac'n'Cheese
- Eat at a Diner
- Eat a PB&J Sandwich
- Watch the Super Bowl
- Eat a Dunkin' Donuts Donut
- Go Black Friday shopping
- Eat Ben & Jerry's
- Eat Apple Pie
- Go to a Haunted House/Haunted Hayride
- Take pictures in a Fotobooth
- Pinky promise
- Eat a Cheesesteak
- Eat Reese's Peanut Butter Cup
- Go to a Party
- Shop at Bath and Body Works
- Buy something at Target


  1. Hahahah Celi das hat ja fast alles mit Essen zu tun :D Komm gut an!!! HDSL, Carmen

    1. ich weiiiiß, haha, ich werde so fett werden :D Ida :*

  2. Ja, Denis und ich haben auch grade schon darüber gelacht und ich habe gesagt, dass du wohl aufpassen musst, nicht 200kg schwerer nachhause zu kommen :-D
    Vermisse dich schon sehr :-* <3